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Most Columbia-Area Roofers Are Dead
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A Message From Roy Bauer of Bauer Roofing:

I like to say, “Some of my happiest customers have come from roofs I didn’t replace.” Let me explain what I mean.

If you call most roofing contractors around Columbia and Charleston with a concern about the age or condition of your roof, they come out and measure your roof, and then give you an estimate for replacing it. And that’s it – they never even actually look to see if you need it or not.

We do things differently around here. We take extra time and effort to closely inspect your roof and give you our best recommendation – whether it’s for repair, replacement, or to tell you “your roof’s fine.” (And of course, our assessment is based on 25+ years in business!).

Our firm commitment is to only recommend what you need. That’s why I can honestly say: ‘Some of my happiest customers have come from roofs I didn’t replace.”

I encourage you to explore this website and discover what homeowners love about Bauer Roofing. You’ll see that we don’t use sub-contracted metal-roofing crews on your roof and that we offer a permanent roofing solution that guarantees you’ll never spend another dime on your roof.

Call us to discover more and get your free consultation and quote.