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Call Columbia’s Top Roofers And Get Your Roof Done Right.

roof installers columbia scOur Trained And Certified Crew Ensure A Replacement Roof That Is Installed Properly The First Time.

When you hire a roofing contractor near Columbia SC for roof replacement, nothing is more important than the quality of the installation. A sloppy installation will inevitably lead to problems. Maybe not right away, but down the line you will have headaches.

That’s why Bauer Roofing puts so much emphasis on hiring and retaining the best roof installers. In fact, we’ve assembled what we believe is Columbia’s top roofing installation team.

Here’s how we’ve done it:

We Pay And Treat Our Installers Better

In an industry known for high turnover and temporary laborers, we’ve gone in the opposite direction. We train and retain the best. It really is true: “you get what you pay for.” That’s why we pay to keep the very best.

No Sub-Contractors On Our Metal Roofing Crew

When we install metal roofs for our Columbia SC customers, we make a promise that you’ll get a roof to last a lifetime. Installing a metal roof requires special skills and the highest level of roofing knowledge. Every single person on our crew has been trained in best practices and follows our strict guidelines.

With us, you can get a permanent roof that is guaranteed to be installed by true roofing experts.

Proven Installers On Every Roof Project

If you choose an asphalt roof instead of a metal roof, we promise you will also have a top-quality, very experienced crew on your roof. We use our own crews on asphalt roofs, but also use a handful of subcontracted workers. Our contracted partners are all experienced installers who have been with us for years and are proven to be trustworthy.

Some roofing companies in Columbia, Charleston, and surrounding areas will subcontract out your job to the lowest bidder, so they can make more profit. Some will even use untrained workers from temporary day labor pools. We reject these practices because there is no quality control.

Clearly Spelled Out Installation Standards

We’re a company that has clearly defined set of standards and best practices that are followed by ALL our installers. Every detail matters to us and our installers know that cutting corners is always unacceptable.

For example: one of our standards is to never skimp on materials just to save a few dollars. It’s not unheard of for some companies to use less nails per shingle, just to save that tiny bit of money. That’s short-term thinking!

Friendly And Polite

We hear from homeowners all the time about the friendly attitude of our installers. We think it’s because our crews like what they do and it shows in their attitude and work.

Our installers are respectful of you and your property. No foul language. No radios played at an obnoxious volume. And we are careful working around your house so as not to cause any damage. (And you can be sure if we do accidently damage anything, we’ll make it right at our time and expense).

If you want the best in Columbia roofers working on your home, give us a call at 803-955-0374 or complete our online request form.

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