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The Bauer Roofing Pledge: Plain Speaking & Honesty. Always.

We’re The Columbia Roofer That Plays No Games & Makes No Reckless Claims. Period.

roofing quotes columbia scIf you spend some time reading our website or talking to the Bauer Roofing team, you’ll start to recognize a theme: we won’t do anything to risk losing the trust of Columbia homeowners.

For example:

  • We don’t use sales pressure (instead we educate you on your options and let you decide).
  • We don’t recommend roof replacement unless you need it (instead we offer to repair the problem).
  • We don’t play pricing games (instead we give you a clear quote that you can rely on).
  • We don’t offer to replace roofs for an unrealistically low price and then cut corners on products and installation (instead we deliver the best long-term value for our customers).

Why do we do things this way, when taking shortcuts would be more profitable?

Well, for one reason, we have to sleep at night. This is our community, too, and honesty and integrity aren’t negotiable for any reason – not at any price.

But we also do NOT believe that ‘cutting corners’ is really more profitable. Sure, it’s possible that could boost business in the short run. But it is a terrible long-term business plan because it always catches up with you.

That’s why we’ve seen lots and lots of Columbia SC roofing companies come and go, but we’ve stuck around for more than a quarter century.

Turns out honesty really is the best policy. If we sound like your kind of roofing company, give us a call. We’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote.

To get your stress-free roofing quote in the Columbia area, please call 803-955-0374 or complete our online request form.

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