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The Way Many Columbia Roofing Companies Relate To Their Customers Leaves A Lot To Be Desired.

A Message From Roy Bauer, Owner Of Bauer Roofing:

roofing contractors columbia scI guess you could say that when it comes to our customers, I’m kind of old-fashioned. When I do business with someone, I treat them like a person, not a dollar sign.

I put a lot of emphasis on listening to you and what you want – it’s about the personal touch.

I find that most other roofers see it differently. The little extra time to properly inspect a roof, or listen to what a homeowner has to say – those just aren’t priorities for them.

Here are some differences between us and a lot of roofing companies near Columbia, SC:

Needs Assessment & Quote Process

Typical Roofer: Comes to your home and maybe takes a few measurements. They don’t do a close inspection. They do some quick calculations and give you a price without ever really figuring out what you need or asking you what you want.

Bauer Roofing: We start by finding out why you called – what problems are you having and what concerns you have with your roof. We’ll inspect the roof and see if you need to replace your roof – sometimes a simple repair is all that is needed.

We’ll work up a quote for you that is 100% accurate. We won’t use high-pressure sales tactics. And we’ll spend all the time you want answering questions and concerns.


Typical Roofer: Doesn’t keep you updated as to when your project will start. Delays or problems are not communicated in a timely way. And if there’s a concern before, during, or after the project, you are not sure who to call.

Bauer Roofing: We make sure you are kept informed of the installation schedule and we’ll make sure it works for you. Our installers and on-site supervisors are friendly and approachable. And I’ll give you my direct phone number to call if you have any concerns at any point in the project.


Typical Roofer: Uses mostly sub-contractors and sometimes even uses unskilled temp labor. Standards can be hit or miss. Also, sometimes rushes so they can get to the next job and increase profits.

Bauer Roofing: The process to become an installer with Bauer Roofing is tough – really tough! Truth be told, most can’t meet our standards and don’t last long.

But because our standards are so high, those that make the cut are among the elite in this business. We also use a limited number of sub-contractors on asphalt roofs and other projects – but again, we only use proven and experienced professionals who we’ve partnered with for a long time. We never use unskilled temp labor.

Also, all our installers know our high standards; they know shortcuts are unacceptable. They also know that we always choose doing the job right over rushing to finish.

So Don’t Make A Decision On Roof Replacement Until You Talk With Us

To be honest, I get annoyed when companies don’t do a real needs assessment for their customers. It just isn’t right – they could be charging you thousands and thousands of dollars to replace a roof that doesn’t even need replaced.

All I ask is that you call us and get a real needs assessment. If after that you decide on another roofer, we can part as friends. But at least get the information so you can make an educated decision.

Personal service is how we do things around here. Contact us to get started.

If you are intersted in hiring our team of professional roofing contractors in Columbia, SC please call 803-955-0374 or complete our online request form.

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