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Want An Iron-Clad Quote from a Reliable Roofer Near Columbia?

You’ve Found The Right Company.

roofing quotes columbia scOne of the things you’ll discover about Bauer Roofing is this: we have a bedrock belief that you should always deal straight with people. That’s why we are so thorough and transparent during the quote process.

It starts with the time we take before we write up your quote. Our thorough needs assessment means our quotes are always comprehensive and accurate.

And when you get your quote, it will be in writing, comprehensive, and accurate.

One thing to note: if we pull off your roof to replace it and there is damage to the woodwork that was previously hidden, we will need to replace the woodwork at an additional cost. We can’t put it in the quote, because it can’t be seen until we tear the roof off.

First, understand that this is not typical situation. But if hidden damage is uncovered, we will explain the situation and get your authorization for any additional charges. We are completely transparent and only charge for the extra cost of materials and labor – we don’t add any extra fees or use it as an excuse to pad profits.

Our Promises:

Promise #1: The quote is the quote – we are comprehensive. You deserve a price you can trust. (See above paragraph for note about hidden damage to woodwork).

Promise #2: We don’t have hidden or surprise fees. Some roofing companies in Charleston and Columbia will quote you a price, but then add fees later not noted in the original price. That is not how we operate.

Promise #3: We won’t use phony discounts or confusing pricing packages. We prefer straightforward over gimmicks. See our No Games page for more information.

Promise #4: The quote itself will be honest and fair. Our quote is not always going to be the lowest – companies that claim to always be the lowest are sacrificing quality. But we are also not going to overcharge you to pad profits.

Promise #5: We’ll make it easy to apply for a payment plan. If the quote meets your approval, but you don’t want to pay for it all at once, we’ll be happy to work with you on a payment plan. Visit our Financing page to learn more.

If having a quote you can trust is how you like to do business, give us a call and let’s get started.

If you want an iron-clad quote for your roofing project in the Columbia area, please call 803-955-0374 or complete our online request form.

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