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Roof Leak Repair in Columbia, SC

Don’t Let Water Damage Cause Even More DestructionRoof Leak Repair

Water can cause a lot of harm to your home. If you let even small leaks continue, you are risking causing big-time problems that will require very costly fixes later. That’s why it’s best to have Bauer Roofing repair your roof leaks quickly. Our licensed roofing contractors are here to help you care for your roofing system at all stages of its service life. If you have a leaking roof in Columbia or nearby, give us a call now.

Through our roof inspection services, we can identify and repair leaks before major problems occur. If you ever notice that there is a leak in your roof, it is imperative that you call our professionals for assistance as soon as possible. Our expert Columbia leak repair experts are ready and eager to assist you and can schedule your appointment today.

Common Causes & Areas of Roof Leaks

At Bauer Roofing in Columbia, our Columbia leak repair experts have been in business since 1989. As such, we have seen just about everything that can go wrong with a roofing system.

Here are just a few roof problems that we routinely repair:

  • Skylight leaks – Skylights are great for letting in lots of natural light, but they can be a problem area because of flashing seals, the fasteners, problems with the sealant, and micro-fractures in the glass itself. Regular roof inspections are an especially good idea when you have skylights.
  • Chimney flashing – Here is another common trouble spot. The metal flashing, caulk deterioration, or cracked cement caps could all be problems. Let us evaluate it to see if we can help.
  • Leaking vent pipes – Roof vents have collars around the base of the pipes that can rust or crack, letting water pool around it and seep down into the inside of your home.
  • Storm damage from wind and hail After a storm hits, don’t wait to get your roof inspected and repaired. Our roofers respond promptly to storm roof damage.
  • Improperly installed shingles – If you had someone else do your roof installation and it is now causing leaks, we can help you. We’ll inspect your shingles and walk you through the options.
  • Gutters that aren’t draining correctly – Gutter systems that aren’t functioning can overflow and cause a lot of problems, including roof damage.
  • Tree damage – If a tree has fallen on your home and caused damage, give us a call for a thorough assessment of the damage and what we can do to repair it.

How Columbia Homeowners Can Spot Roof Leaks

If you have or suspect you have any of the above problem areas, a roof inspection is a good idea.

Other signs you have a roof leak problem:

  • Water spots on the ceiling
  • Shingles that are cracked, curling, or rotting
  • Missing shingles from wind or weather
  • Light entering your attic

The Importance of Repairing Roof Leaks Early

Whatever you do, please don’t ignore a leaking roof. Water leaking into your home can cause extensive damage over time to the strength of your home’s structure. Wood that is consistently wet will swell up and rot. Drywall damage can also occur, and a moist habitat is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold, in particular, can present a serious health problem by triggering allergies or even releasing poisonous mycotoxins into the air inside your home.

If you have a leaking roof, don’t hesitate, call our Columbia leak repair experts right away! We are available 24/7 for emergency roof repair services. Also, remember, having regular inspections of your roof is a smart investment that can save you from big-time repair bills later.

Want us to take a look at your roof and check for leaks? Contact Bauer Roofing at (803) 994-9498 or online today!

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