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Roof Repairs for Columbia, SC Homeowners

Most Roofers Won’t Do Repairs – They Only Want To Replace Your Roof

roof repairs columbia scIt’s true – most roofers won’t do roof repairs in Columbia, SC. Their objective is to sell you a new roof because that’s more profitable. At Bauer Roofing, our Columbia roofing contractors don’t think that’s right. Our professionals are here to provide for your needs in the most customized and beneficial means possible. From fixing minor leaks to conducting extensive repairs, our objective is to always ensure that your roof is restored to the best condition possible in the most cost-effective and long lasting manner.

As Columbia’s full-service roofer, we offer roof repairs in addition to many other roofing services in Columbia and the surrounding areas. It’s turned out over the years that some of our happiest customers were homeowners whose roofs we DIDN’T replace. People seem to really appreciate that we give them an honest assessment and only recommend replacement when it is necessary.

Call Bauer Roofing today if you believe that you need to hire a professionally licensed roofing contractor to conduct roof repairs for your Columbia-area home or business. Our courteous and polite staff would be happy to take your call, to answer any of your questions, and to schedule your consultation today.

Common Roof Repairs for Columbia, SC Homes

Here are some roof problems that can be quickly resolved y our Columbia roof repair experts:

Blown Off Shingles

When shingles are missing for your roof, there is a breach in the protective membrane that your roof provides. If left unattended, significant water damage could occur throughout your home.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutters perform a vital function for your roof. They funnel water safely to the ground. If your gutters are clogged, this water will overflow. This can cause substantial damage to your roof, residential siding, and the foundation of your home.

Roof Membrane Punctures

Your residential roof does not cover the entirety of your property. Various vents and outlets protrude through your roof. These areas are highly prone to leaking. These roofing problems can be identified and repaired during a roofing inspection.

Animal Damage

Certain critters want to use your home as their home, too. In order to get in, these animals damage roofing systems. We’ll fix the damage animals have done to your roof.

Roof Degradation

Inevitably, various aspects of your roof will degrade because it is constantly combating adverse weather. If your shingles are eroding or your roof is bulging or blistering, roofing repairs are necessary.

By hiring the Columbia roof repair contractors at Bauer Roofing early, you prevent minor problems from developing into substantial damage to your home. And remember, don’t let anyone sell you a full roof replacement if you don’t really need it! We are here to consult with you about the best solution for your particular situation. Want us to take a look at your roof and give you a quote on a roof repair? Give us a call.

If you need to hire a professionally licensed roofing contractor who conducts roof repairs in Columbia, SC or nearby, please call Bauer Roofing at 803-955-0374 or complete our online request form.

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