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3 Myths About Roofing Debunked

The roofing industry is plagued with misinformation and myths surrounding roof maintenance, materials, and repairs. Our experts discuss 3 of the most prevalent myths and explain why they aren’t true.

1. Power Washing Your Roof

Many homeowners think the easy and correct approach to cleaning their roof is with a power or pressure washer. However, both of these methods can be extremely detrimental to the health and longevity of your roof. To start off, a power washer uses heat in the water, while a pressure washer does not. However, the heat isn’t the most damaging part of this method of cleaning.

The extreme pressure of pressure and power washers can shift shingles and create space for water to seep in. It can also cause curling and premature granule loss in asphalt shingles, which can contribute to leaks in your roof.

2. A Metal Roof Attracts Lightning

Some homeowners worry that installing a metal roof is like installing a roof made out of hundreds of lightning rods. However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth.

Metal roofs don't attract lightning. What’s more: they actually dispel lightning as any other roofing material would. Even if the roof isn’t grounded directly, it will still disperse lightning that may strike your home back to the ground.

3. Anyone Can Replace Shingles

Professionals are the experts in any trade because of their expertise and knowledge of the correct way to do things. If you climb onto your roof for what you may think is a simple repair, chances are you’ll not only damage your roof, but you could also slip and hurt yourself in the process.

Roofing professionals will see this scene more often than we’d like: a homeowner has tried to repair a missing shingle or patch a small leak in their roof by placing another shingle down, you and nailing it down. Nailing a shingle into place on top of other shingles creates holes that aren’t sealed and could create more leaks and problems than before!

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