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Watch Out For Storm Chasing Roofing Contractors

Because of the bad storms recently, roofers (storm chasers), will be prowling your neighborhood. Most of these roofers will ask to get up on your roof and inspect for damage. Before you let them, consider these things:

  • Most Important – Do NOT sign anything with someone who knocks on your door out of the blue and tells you that you have storm damage. You could find yourself locked into a contract and not even realize it.
  • Is it a local company? – Many storm chasers will rent a suite or use temporary office space, so they can say they are local. We recommend working with a contractor who has been in business locally for at least five years and has a place of business. Beware of the contractor who has a website with many different offices throughout the nation –only a few are actually local 365 days a year. Most come in only for the storm and then they are gone.
  • Contractor’s License – Be careful here. Who holds the license –does it match the company name?? Many storm chasers (because they don’t have an SC license) will use another SC contractor license.

File An Insurance Claim (Do NOT Let the Contractor File a Claim For You)

  1. Call your agent or the 800-number for your insurance company or submit a claim online.
  2. Generally, the insurance company will call you to set an appointment for an adjuster to look at your house once you file your claim.
  3. We can meet your adjuster at your home. Just call or email our office to schedule a time ((803) 994-9498. This speeds up the settlement time and prevents voicemail tag between the adjuster and Bauer Roofing’s estimator. We can also meet you at your home after the adjuster has been out and you have received your paperwork.
  4. Our estimator will work with the adjuster to go through the settlement.
  5. Once it’s settled, our estimator will go through the estimate with you and the information will be forwarded to your insurance company. After that, your insurance company will cut you a partial check.
  6. The check amount depends on the dollar amount of the job. Please keep in mind that the insurance company will deduct the depreciation and the deductible. Once the work is complete, you will get the depreciation back.
  7. Occasionally, if you have a current mortgage on your home, the insurance check will be made out to both you and the mortgage company. Do NOT sign this check. Send it to your mortgage company via certified mail. They will endorse it and send it with more paperwork for you to complete.
  8. Every mortgage company has different requirements. Please read their requirements to see what the necessary forms are.
  9. Our office staff is available to help you complete the required paperwork and answer any questions you may have.

Bauer Roofing can handle any damage to your roof caused by a storm. Reach out to our team for reliable and professional roofing repair services. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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