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What Does Green Roofing Mean?

What does Green Roofing mean anyway? Sounds kind of….weird.

Well, tonight at Seawells in Columbia, I have the privilege of talking to what I’ve always known as the Columbia Remodelers Council, but is officially called HBA of Greater Columbia Remodelers (HBAR). I’ll be talking about one type of –and between you and me, the best type of– Green Roofing available,Classic Metal Roofing Systems. The topic of this quarterly meeting is, “high performance remodeling and how you can use this method… to deliver a superior product to your clients.” I’ll have to admit, I’m a sucker for anything that teaches me better ways to serve my clients
Classic Metal Roofing Systems is easy for me to talk about because a). we’ve installed a ton of them and b). rarely is a product able to provide functionality, energy efficiency and good looks at the same time. But not only that, it has a “real” Lifetime Warranty, not one of those pro-rated jokes you get from 99.9% of roofing manufacturers.

I’m looking forward to talking to people about something I’m so passionate about, and I’m not just referring to the type of metal itself. I appreciate and respect roofing manufacturers and contractors that do things right and aren’t scared of the competition. Most companies shortcut things in order to keep the price low, and in the end, screw over the homeowners.

As for Green Roofing and what it means, especially for you, check back with me or follow this blog. I’m going to post a series of articles on Green roofing and why or why not it may be of benefit to you and your home.

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