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I Just Had a New Metal Roof Installed on My House

Update: This story first appeared in December a year or so ago:

There is a story told, by whom I don’t remember, of a tight rope walker trying to cross Niagara Falls. As the crowd stood watching, the tight-rope walker asked, “Do you believe I can walk all the way across the falls and back?” The crowd yelled, “Yes.” So, off he went, all the way across and back with nothing but a pole to keep him from falling.

When he was back, and after the cheering died down, he asked, “Do you believe I can walk all the way across and back carrying someone on my back?” Emphatically the crowd yelled, “Yes.”

“Well,” asked the tight-rope walker, “Who wants to be the first to hop on?”

You see, things change when it comes to your own lively hood and well-being. A lot of people believe things when it doesn’t affect them. But what about when the rubber meets the road?

I own a roofing company and had a new metal roof installed on my own house last week. Now, if you live in South Carolina, you know it has rained a lot the last couple of weeks or so. But as my new roof was being installed I realized there isn’t a group of guys in this world I’d rather have working on my house than the ones I have working for me.

As a roofing company, you can tell homeowners that your installers are trained and certified and blah, blah, blah………but until you have those guys working on your house, knowing it could rain at anytime, it’s just sales garbage.

At the end of the first week we had an Aluminum Oxford Shingle by Classic Metal Roofing Systemsinstalled on the back, (which takes a couple of weeks to complete), I knew it was calling for lots and lots of rain Saturday and Sunday and I asked the foreman, Amos, if everything was dried-in. He assured me it was. But still, this is my house we’re talking about and my wife I have to live with if stains show up on the ceiling, or something breaks, or a tire gets a nail in it.

So, when Amos assures me everything is good to go, I have a lot riding on it, as does every homeowner who has a new roofing system installed.

Just as predicted, the rain poured down, I mean buckets of it. And of course I got out my flashlight, went into the attic and checked every square inch I could get to. I couldn’t find a single drop of water anywhere. Plus, to make it a little more interesting, the siding around my chimney had rotted so they had to tear it all off. And since the roof wasn’t completed yet, there was no way to put on new siding yet. So instead, they wrapped the chimney in a synthetic underlayment, again, assuring me it would hold up perfectly. To their credit, they were right.

Monday morning the installers arrived and began setting up, not once giving it a second thought as to just how much rain had fallen the previous two days. To them, it was just normal. They knew they had done everything right in order to keep my house dry. How could it leak?

As I was leaving I told the foreman that the inside was dry and it hadn’t leaked. He just laughed and asked if I had doubted him. For the record, I might have a little bit.

But I won’t do it again.

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Roy Bauer, Bauer Roofing