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Asphalt Roofing Project Downtown Columbia, SC

If there is one thing that I like about my job more than anything else, it is getting to know an old, downtown, South Carolina home. I’ve had the privilege of walking through the attic of houses that were well over a hundred years old, and have seen some interesting things. From 60 year-old newspapers to beams (or trusses) made out of logs –milled from the trees that were on the property—and still had the pine bark on them. Maybe I’m just a little nostalgic, but I think that’s fascinating.

This house, in downtown Columbia near the river, is a beautiful house that the homeowner was fixing up. When I measured the house and crawled through the attic, rotten wood was found around the chimney on the front and throughout the house in different spots. On an old house, more often than not, you are going to find broken and split boards, due to years of heat and moisture.

The front of her house had a chimney that was nearly at the bottom of a steep valley and had been leaking for years, causing serious damage to the inside. From the initial pictures I could see where roofer after roofer had tried to fix the chimney, with all kinds of remedies, but it wasn’t until we got the asphalt shingles off that we could actually tell what needed to be done, and how. We ended up custom making a “cricket” that would shed water in three different directions. You’ll have to look at the pictures to understand.

Also, the vinyl siding that had been installed years before, didn’t have any soffit vents cut into it. Obviously, in order for the house to breathe, it must have intake and exhaust. When the existing siding was taken off, we found that it had been leaking and a good bit of the fascia was rotted. We removed the old siding and installed new siding that was perforated all the way around, so it could breathe. Now, the eaves can provide the proper air-intake allowing the ridge vents do function at maximum efficiency.

Once last thing that we did was remove two old windows in her kitchen and install a giant garden window. This window was roughly 6’6″ wide and 4’6″ tall. It was custom made with a Corian bottom and side windows that open.

As for the shingles, the homeowner chose to go with a CertainTeed Landmark ‘AR’ architectural shingle. The color that was Hunter Green and it was a perfect choice for this particular brick and trim color.

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