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Protect Your Home with an Annual Roof Inspection

Your roof is the first barrier of protection to your valuable investment, your home. The South Carolina weather is hard on your shingles or tiles. You can protect your home by watching for signs that your roof has been damaged. Roofing companies in Charleston, SC offer annual inspections to catch problems early. A professional roofer may see signs that you would miss because you aren’t as familiar with the signs of a roof that is losing structural integrity and aging. Don’t put off examining your roof for problems.

Signs of Problems With Your Roof

One of the most obvious signs of trouble is shingles or tiles from your roof on the ground. Contact your insurance company and a roofer. If you can get on a ladder to inspect your roof, that is ideal. If not, use binoculars to get a closer look. Watch for these symptoms:

  • Missing shingles
  • Caulking that has cracked
  • Shingles that buckle or curl
  • Fine grit from your roof in your gutters
  • Signs of moss or other organic growth

Look Inside Your Home

Watch your ceiling for dark spots that could be water damage. You may see damp spots along the fireplace or water stains near the vents on your roof. Roofing companies in Charleston, SC often spot issues with your roof much faster than you do because they are more familiar with the signs, but you should contact your roofer if you see problems. A professional assessment will save you money by preventing more damage in the future.

Make sure you know how old your roof is and what your warranty states. When your roof is getting older, it makes sense to replace it before you start seeing more damage. Although there are a lot of roofing companies in Charleston, SC, find one that has been in the community for years and will stand behind their work. Trust your roofer to help you maintain your home to enjoy it for generations to come.

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