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Common Reasons For Roof Repairs

Leaks are one of the most common reasons for roof repairs on West Columbia homes. Roofing leaks often reveal themselves through water spots on the ceiling. Several different types of leakage can occur on the roof of a house. Although most modern asphalt shingles have good water resistance, occasionally a leak can form when shingles curl up or otherwise begin to come apart. Shingles can also crack, fall off due to wind or weather, or even begin to rot. Shingle issues aren’t the only cause of leaks that require roof repairs, however.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

  • Skylight leaks – Some West Columbia homes have a skylight, an excellent way to allow some natural lighting into a room. Leaky skylights can sometimes be the result of poor installation. Common culprits are the skylight’s flashing seals, its fasteners, problems with the sealant, and micro-fractures in the glass itself. One way to catch skylight problems early and prevent the need for roof repairs is to have thorough roofing inspections on a fairly regular basis.
  • Chimney flashing – A chimney’s metal flashing can sometimes be the source of a roof leak. Caulk can also deteriorate with age, allowing water to infiltrate your home. In some cases, cement caps can also become cracked and cause a leak. In many cases, roofers will need to remove and replace these old materials near the chimney’s base.
  • Leaking vent pipes Roof vents are a relatively common source of roof leakage. The collars around the base of the pipes can rust or crack, letting water pool around it and seep down into the inside of your home.
  • Some of the other common causes of leaks that require professional roofing repairs include:
  • Storm damage – from wind and hail
  • Improperly installed shingles
  • Gutters that aren’t draining correctly
  • Tree damage

Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Whatever the cause of your roofing leaks, you should never just ignore it.

  • Water leaking into your home can cause extensive damage over time to the building’s structure, causing wood to swell up and rot.
  • It can also damage drywall, as well as creating a moist habitat for unwanted mold and mildew growth. Mold, in particular, can present a serious health problem by triggering allergies or even releasing poisonous mycotoxins into the air inside your home.

Any trace of leakage should be addressed with prompt professional roof repairs. In many cases, roofing inspections can also help minimize the chances of a leak forming by spotting minor damage early. Regular inspections from a qualified roofing expert are a smart investment for West Columbia homeowners, and can often help spare you the cost of extensive repair work later on.

How We Can Help

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