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7 Questions Most Roofers Don't Want to Be Asked

Have you noticed that most roofers measure the house when no one is home? Ever wondered why they wouldn’t want to talk to the homeowners and find out exactly what they are looking for? The reason is because most of them are deathly afraid homeowners will ask them questions they can’t answer, at least halfway truthfully. Here are 7 of those questions:

  • Do they have a permanent place of business?
  • Do they carry insurance and is the coverage adequate?
  • Are they a licensed, registered contractor and in good standing with the trade association?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is their record for complaint resolution?
  • What is their workmanship warranty?
  • Do they provide sufficient details for the project being performed?

This list is at least a good place to start. If they can’t even give the right answer to these basic questions then show them the door and move on to the next company. And speaking of the next company, let me share some insight into buying roofing, or really any type of remodeling.

I’ve read that you should always get 3 estimates before deciding who to choose. Have you ever wondered why 3? Why not 4 or 8? A homeowner called me yesterday and said that he had called 4 roofing companies and no one had shown up.

The point is this: Don’t get caught up in the number. You have to keep looking until you’ve found the one you have confidence in to do the job the way you want it done. You may know who that roofer is after meeting with just one because he did your mom’s house or your neighbor’s house and you are comfortable with him. Or it may take a month and you have to talk to 5 different people to get comfortable.

These authorities out there who say to get 3 estimates and then choose, have obviously never bought remodeling before, because it usually takes calling at least 3 companies to get someone to answer the phone.

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