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Expert Roofers Installing Top-Quality Asphalt Roofing in Columbia SC

asphalt roofing columbia scIf you want an asphalt shingle roof installed by a proven and professional roofing company in the Columbia SC area, you’re in the exact right place. In fact, you might say we’ve been proven over and over – we’ve been installing new roofs for more than a quarter century. Why have we stood the test of time, when many, many roofing contractors have failed since we started way back in 1989? It comes down to three key areas: rock-solid materials, top installation, and always, Always, ALWAYS standing behind our work. This goes for all our roofing services, including the repair and installation of asphalt roofing in Columbia SC, SC and surrounding areas.

At Bauer Roofing, our Columbia SC roofing contractors would be honored to assist you with all your asphalt roof selection, installation, and replacement needs. Our professional and polite staff is ready and eager to assist you. Our knowledgeable experts can answer any of your questions about asphalt roofing shingles and our many roofing services in Columbia SC, SC. Call us today and we will schedule your consultation at your first convenience.

Roofing Materials From Rock-Solid Companies

Our Columbia SC asphalt roofing experts recommend and install products from CertainTeed, GAF, and Atlas Roofing. CertainTeed and GAF have been around for 100+ years, and Atlas has been in business for more than 30 years. They all have one thing in common: they have earned outstanding reputations for the quality of their products and their willingness to stand behind those materials.

Since we think all of these companies have great materials – that’s why we recommend them – the choice comes down to your preferences. Each company has different shingle color options, so we can help by giving you options and recommendations.

Reliable Products That Form A Roofing System To Protect Your Home: A roof is about more than just shingles. The products we use are created to function together as a system. A roofing system is the key to getting a durable roof. A lot of people think of a roof as shingles, but it is the entire system and all the products must be of a high quality.

Expert Asphalt Roofing Installation Crews in the Columbia SC Area

We’ve been a roofing contractor for Columbia SC, Charleston, and surrounding areas since 1989. In that time, we have created a very experienced crew – a group of installers fully-trained in the best methods for putting a new asphalt shingle roof on your home.

Here are just a few examples of what we do better than our competition:

Instead of just installing a rubber “boot” around a pipe vent – which breaks down long before the roof does – we actually custom fit metal pipe collars that are permanent. Most roofers don’t put any extra effort into sealing boots, and this can easily lead to a leaking problem.

We don’t skimp on nails or other fasteners. Some roofers will try to save a few dollars (literally a few dollars) by using less than the recommended amount of nails per shingle and other little shortcuts. We always do things to manufacturer standards or above.

We use higher quality roofing underlayment. You can’t see it when the roof is finished, but a better underlayment is a critical extra layer of protection between your roofing shingles and your roof deck. Depending on the type of roofing you are having installed and the shape and style of your house, either a self-sealing or synthetic underlayment is going to be best.

When it comes to asphalt roofs in the Columbia SC area, it is the details of the installation that make a big difference – and that is why we work so hard to get every single step right. When you hire us for your installation or replacement project, you can feel confident that you made the best choice for your property and your family.

Asphalt Roofing Contractors Standing Behind What We Do

We mentioned above that we install GAF, CertainTeed, and Atlas Shingle roofs. One of the main reasons for choosing these companies is that they all have solid warranties and long track records of standing behind their roofing products.

You’ll get a copy of your warranty in writing. It’s unlikely you’ll ever have to file a claim, but if you do you’ll know exactly what to do.

Please also know that we stand behind our own work. If you have a problem as a result of our workmanship, we will make it right. Our professionals hold ourselves to the highest possible standard, always treating our customers' roofs as if they were our own.

Free Roof Consultation & Estimate

If you have concerns about the age or condition of your roof, the easy solution is to stop worrying about it and call us. You have nothing to lose because we won’t be pressuring you to work with us. We do not believe in sales pressure - we simply give you the information, a firm quote, and then we let you decide. Bottom line, our Columbia SC asphalt roofing contractors are here to care for your roofing system at all stages of its service life.

If you need to hire a professionally licensed roofing contractor who installs asphalt roofing in Columbia SC, SC or nearby, please call Bauer Roofing at 803-955-0374 or complete our online request form.

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